Born in 1996
We grew up to be a community and art collective.

In 1996 NeoRetro was formed as an art and technology collective by Janice Linden-Reed and Daniel Goldman. This was a response to their disappointment with the nature of VC backed companies and the change from cultural impact to fast and big money that had come with the proliferation of the Internet.

Janice did the first farm game, SimFarm, designed one of the first generative creature games and tower defense games (Dominus), designed the first 3D gameboy game, Mystereum, worked at the first internet video company, EarthNoise, Netscape and WebChat, and co-founded Total Entertainment Network with Daniel.
Daniel had taught himself to code on the HP67 calculator when he was seven. He quickly developed an acumen for technology and a hate for how removed of a world it could create. A year before the Well online service launched, in 1983, still in high school, Daniel launched the Innter Circle BBS, a disruptive online site pre-Internet. It included a friend function, chat, 2 lines, and basic social posting. Daniel went on to be Senior developer on Sim games, including SimCity, eventually building the Total Entertainment Network, now, with Janice.

The site went live in 1997 with art by Helen Cho and the text "NeoRetro is returning control of social entertainment
to the humans" and "Social entertainment will be the new media wave of the next millenium"

The service was essentially NFTs in a pre-blockchain world. Trading cards, "HotCardz", where the users could place their own content, publish and trade, and use them as access tokens. After a year of development the team decided it was too early. Daniel and Janice moved to New York.

Over the years they kept jamming on art, technology amd culture projects, and building the community and their contributions.

We have grown. Many of us do our innovative and culture hacking projects on the side from our paying gigs, and keep a low profile.

If you are in Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco, Paris or London and are dedicated to your craft, drop us a line.

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